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(IMSA),  will offer a reduced rate of 5% per client's number of employees hire after 5 or more.

Partners and/ (IMSA) Affiliates for overseas employment will have a lower structured fee agreement because of the salary rate.

​​ Percentage of fees can be negotiated between 8% -10% for a flat recruitment fee, and 12% to 15% fee if our agency will handle their payroll system.

 If future candidates will be placed within company payroll, workers compensation and general liability will be     paid by our partners and/or affiliates because of the complexity of job classification codes compared to the US labor codes.

If clients will use our (IMSA) service just for hiring and research - a "Retainer's Recruitment Fee" of 5% will be charged based on the hourly wage or annual salary of the hired employee.
Overseas Pricing Strategy
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