International Management Staffing Agency, LLC serves its client companies by providing a reliable single source for staffing needs. (IMSA) offers a broad spectrum of staffing services and can help companies with.

Direct hire placements:   Contract staffing:  Contract-to-direct conversions: 1099 to W2 conversions: Pay rolling services.

Simple Weekly Process:
Once you select a contract candidate, your involvement in the weekly process is extremely easy!
You authorize billing by signing a weekly timesheet for the contractor and then pay an invoice.
Our back-office. Top Echelon Contracting, will handle all the employment paperwork, payroll.
Taxes, unemployment, workers' compensation, background checking, benefits, etc.

Insurance Protection:
In today's business environment, insurance coverage provides an added layer of protection and should be a requirement for every contract placement at your facility. Top Echelon Contracting carries a comprehensive package of insurance, which includes:

 • Commercial General Liability                                                               • $1,000,000 per occurrence; $3,000,000 in the aggregate
​ • Professional Liability                                                                            • $1,000,000 per occurrence; $3,000,000 in the aggregate
​ • Commercial Excess Liabilit                                                                  • $5,000,000 combined single limits
• Hired/Non-Owned Auto Liability                                                            • $1,000,000 combined single limits
• Employee Dishonesty Bonding                                                             • $1,000,000 combined single limits
• Employers' Practices Liability                                                                • $1,000,000 combined single limits
• Employee Forgery Bonding.                                                                  • $25.000

Wide Range of Benefits for Contractors:
Companies enjoy greater employee retention by offering quality benefits. As the legal W-2 employer of record for contractors, our back-office pays the contract employees on a weekly basis and also offers the following ACA compliant benefits:

Health insurance • Dental insurance Vision insurance • Life insurance Accidental death and Dismemberment insurance • 401 (k) savings plan.

International Management Staffing Agency, LLC will be your main point of contact for all of your recruiting needs. Top Echelon Contracting has specialized in contract staffing since 1992, and they will finalize the employment contracts and handle all of the financial and administrative issues. By combining our recruiting skills with the back-office services of Top Echelon Contracting, we can provide for your-service staffing and unsurpassed value to our clients.


Contracting Staffing Services

International Management Staffing Agency, LLC serves its client companies by providing a reliable single source for all your staffing needs. Our staffing solutions include the following:

Direct hire placements, Contract staffing, Contract-to-direct conversions, 1099 to W2 conversions Pay rolling services, Retiree re-staffing

Do you have a hiring freeze now that prohibits you from hiring someone?
Do you have a deadline or special project that you need completed?
Do you need to reduce tax risks associated with 1099 independent contractors?
Do you want to evaluate a candidate's skills prior to offering direct employment?
Do you want to avoid layoffs and bad press?

1. Reduce Employment Costs
• No workers' compensation exposure or claims • No employee benefits costs for medical, dental, vision, life, and 401(k) • No added    expense for holidays, vacations, sick time, etc.   • No administrative costs for hiring and processing new employment paperwork •
​ No administration costs associated with payroll withholdings, filings, and reporting•

• Minimized risk of IRS and state audits because of worker misclassification  • Staffing Flexibility

• Match staffing levels to your workload and project requirements • Quick hiring process vs. lengthy direct placement  cycle.                     • Option to terminate contract placement at any time • Acquire needed resources through a standard purchase order versus capital budget. Sole-Source Staffing Ability.

• Decrease the number of staffing/ recruiting vendors • Simplify invoice payment processing
• One-stop shopping for, all your staffing needs   . Temp-to-Direct Conversions (Try Before You Buy)
• Interview and assess the real skills during the contract period • Evaluate how the candidate fits your corporate culture

 Maintain Budget Controls • Accelerate the pace at which projects reach completion • Secure labor needed for projects through a purchase order • Eliminate unnecessary overhead.

Advantages of Contract Staffing

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