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Why outsource your Human Resource Department?

 This is one of the most important  questions among employers, and (IMSA) answer is that by using our firm, (IMSA) will save your  company tremendous amount of time, money, and decrease personnel turnover.

(IMSA) can handle the payroll to all our referred candidates, process their checks and/or direct deposit and other  vital, sensitive transactions are all kept compliant with the laws of the US federal government, to  include UK,Europe, middle east and Asian laws.


About Our Company
IMSA, LLC’s mission is to provide jobs throughout South Carolina and its surrounding states, by partnering with at one or more government contracting jobs, within a reasonable time frame, in the following areas of Vehicle Maintenance, Logistics, Constructions, Transportations, Information Technology and Administrative duties. The company will also utilize its experienced recruiting professionals, combined with a team approach in securing government and overseas contracts.

On December, 2008, IMSA, LLC was established within a U.S. SBA HUB Zone firm in Sumter now located in Seneca South Carolina.
 The company started with two part time employees: a Senior Recruiter and a Receptionist. The lawyer and the certified   
​accountant were hired as independent contractors.

The future goal of the company is to grow and branch out world wide, (IMSA) are anticipating to hire  more recruiters in order to divide job recruitment process based on industry skills.

International Management Staffing Agency, LLC is pleased to present the of State of South Carolina with this business proposal for employment services program in developing and supporting clients that are being served by the state.

 We understand the dynamics of this specific market that South Carolina  faces and recognize the unique opportunity to create jobs and promote economic recovery among our citizens. We believe that we are uniquely positioned to successfully establish, plan, and assess each client’s skills in order to prepare them for future job placement.
International Management Staffing Agency, LLC is a key player in the recruiting industry and can help you meet your career goals through contract job assignments. Since 80% of companies in corporate America use some form of contract staffing, now may be the perfect time to learn more about contract opportunities. The professional and  advantages of contract staffing that International Management Staffing Agency, LLC can offer you through Top Echelon Contracting. You will also note that a full benefits package is available.
Contract Assignments Can Help Achieve Career Goals
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